In the making


i love more than anything collecting postcards. i’m laying them all out on my floor deciding what ones to put on my wall and they’re all so beautiful.

Ohhhh, Jarrod:) you’re just the sweetest thing(: and we have the same obsession.

well, mom, guess what my night consisted of..?" "what?" "dead babies, sweaty women, and some schizophrenia;)
Ive come to a point


Where I just don’t care about shit anymore. Every morning I wake up and I don’t even want to bother with my appearance. I never want to do my school work.
And I could care less about the girls in the hall that laugh at me. I don’t care that people call me a whore (even though im a virgin). I dont mind when I get F’s in school either.
Is it odd 2 months ago I would be stressing to the max over it all?



Crack babies. Juss sayin’.